Every sorrow disappears when you rest in the arms of your angel.

Every sorrow disappears when you rest in the arms of your angel.


The information contained in your body, you may say a grain of what components to get from the soil.

I would like to present a technique by Anastasia, of planting grains.

This special technique teaches one to plant grains in such a way that, one can grow plants that individually support and provide the body with nutrients. This technique reduces food intake and restore a symbiosis between body and place in which the body is in its present moment. Food becomes medicine, and naturally protects the body against pathogens from the outside.

Anastasia is a beautiful young woman discovered by the author Vladimir Megre. She is living alone in the remote wild forests of Siberia. She is considered to be a surviving member of an ancient Vedic civilization whose extraordinary powers and knowledge far exceed anything known today.

Anastasia’s powerful, myth-shattering messages reveal a profound wisdom grounded in ancient knowledge; T hey expose suppressed secrets and hidden historical facts that will completely change your understanding of the past, and offer you a whole new paradigm for our planet’s future.

Anastasia is considered to be a surviving member of an ancient Vedic culture, whose powers and knowledge far exceed anything known today. She is the inspiration for the Ringing Cedars Series. According to Megré’s account, she was born in 1969, in the Western Siberian taiga (boreal forests) not far from the city of Surgut on the river Ob. Her parents died tragically in a forest accident when she was just a baby. She lives in the wilderness – for the most part without warm clothes, food cultivation or man-made shelter – and survives on fruit, nuts, berries and mushrooms, brought to her by “wild” animals with whom she lives in peaceful harmony.

She consistently displays the most developed psychic and mental powers including remote viewing and healing, mind reading and seemingly perfect memory. When challenged to solve some of society’s most complex social, health and environmental problems, after only a few minutes lying on her back on the ground, with eyes closed and just her fingertips twitching, she has provided answers in such incredible detail, that witnesses have been left flabbergasted.

She says these powers are natural to mankind and in these books she describes exactly how they may be regained by any one of us. Most of all she is a beautiful mystery, one who has changed the landscape of metaphysical thought with her foresight and innate wisdom.

Coming back to planting, this technique can be applied to croplands as well as at home. If you do not have a garden, or a plot, just throw a wooden box and in the bottom of it, drill several small holes. Then put it in a non chemically contaminated soil, which you can bring from somewhere in the garden, field or forest. Soil must be changed before planting seeds. Do not enrich the soil with artificial vitamins and supplements, just water and sun light. Ideally, even the water should come naturally from rain. If you use water from the tap then let it be filtered.


Anastasia stated:

“Every seed planted by someone contains within itself a great amount of cosmic information. Its volume is incomparable to anything manmade. Thanks to this information the seed knows exactly, up to milliseconds, the time when it is supposed to return to life. It knows when to sprout, what kinds of juices to extract from the ground, how to use the energy generated by cosmic bodies like the sun, moon and stars. It also knows what specific type of plant to become and what kind of fruit to bear. The various fruits are meant for man’s life-support. These fruits can fight and resist any disease of a human physical body very effectively and even more powerfully than the best manmade medications existing now, and those which will exists in the near future. In order to fulfil this job, a seed has to know everything it could saturate the fruit with and bring them into proper correlation with the necessary substances for the healing process. It has to know precisely for a certain person concerning his specific sicknesses in case they have them or there is a pre-disposition towards sickness.

To load this kind of information into a cucumber, tomato or any other kind of seed which is supposed to grow in a certain piece of land it is necessary to act as follows:

Before planting or sowing a dry seed (don’t soak it) it should be taken into the mouth and kept there for not less than nine minutes. Then take it in your hands (in-between your palms), hold it for thirty seconds. While doing this, one should stand barefooted on the very plot where the seed is supposed to be planted.

After that open your palms, bring your hands close to your mouth, exhale the air out of your lungs right on the seed (or seeds). Then keep it in the open air in the sun for thirty seconds. Now the seed is ready to be planted, so put it into the ground.

Never water it right away after planting! You can water it only three days after planting. Of course don’t forget about the proper time for planting or sowing. The day should be chosen in accordance with the well known moon calendar. Every gardener knows that there are especially preferable days for each kind of crop. It is advisable to plant early without watering when the ground has enough moisture in it. A late planting could be fatal for the seed. Don’t destroy the weeds around this plant when it is developing and growing. It is necessary to leave at least one kind of each weed. You can cut the weeds without pulling them out so you will not disturb the roots of your plant.

You can’t remove all the weeds around the plant because they are playing their special role as well. Some of them are protecting the plants from sicknesses. Others are supplying them with additional information. While the plant is growing it is necessary to communicate with it and at least once, approach it when the moon is full and touch it.

 According to Anastasia, this is the only way for a seed to accumulate, file and process the information about a person. In the process of bringing up its fruit the plant will be getting the most out of the required energy from the Cosmos and the Earth, especially for that person. Anastasia confirmed that the fruits, which had been grown that way from a seed and consumed by the person taking care of it, are capable of healing him/her absolutely from any kind of disease. It decreases to a great extent, the process of ageing, gets rid of pernicious habits and addictions, greatly increasing mental abilities and brings peace to the soul. This kind of fruit will give the most beneficial effect if consumed within three days after harvesting, not later. All the procedures described above can be done with any kind of crop which you grow on your plot.

There is no need to sow or plant all of the cucumbers or tomatoes this way. It is quite sufficient to have only a couple of plants for healing purposes.

Before you plant a sapling it is necessary to crumple the soil in the hole with your fingers and the toes of your bare feet and after that spit into it.

Anastasia explained that toxic substances come out of a human body through the hand and feet, through sweating. This contains the information about an organism which had been sick. The young plant would get this information and process it to the fruit, which would be able to fight the sickness. They forward it to their offspring, which will have the capacity to combat these disorders. Anastasia strongly recommended walking on the plot bare footed at least once in a while.

 “It is quite sufficient to grow the variety which the great majority of the gardeners do: beets, carrots, parsley, dill, cucumbers, tomatoes, apple tree and any kind of vegetables or fruit trees. It is advisable to have a cherry or sour cherry tree and flowers. The quantity of the crops or the area they occupy does not really matter. If you have a garden or plot of land, obligatory variety, without which there is no possibility of filling in the harmony of energy in the microclimate of the garden is a sunflower, even one. It is absolutely necessary to leave a space not less than 2 square meters for various grasses.

“It is important not only to create a variety of plantings but the way they are planted is also very important and communication with them directly is advisable, because through it a saturation of information is taking place.

I’ve already told you about one way of planting and it is the main one. For a man, a gardener, it is of great importance for there to be diversity of plants and their right method of being planted to be followed; but primarily it is the direct contact with them, through which the collection of information takes place”.

Method of planting from the Anastasia said, it is extremely important. The main thing is to give this piece of nature the full knowledge of yourself. Then not this gives only the therapeutic effect, but also your body’s vital security will be significantly higher than with traditional cultivation of crops.

In the forests in a natural way, you are not aware; there are plenty of plants, which absolutely can heal all diseases we know. These plants just after they were created, man has lost only partial awareness of the value of these herbs. The main doctor is your body, which is aware of the creation, what herbs you should take and at what time, and knows all of this intuitively. And no one else can replace it, because it is a personal physician, given to you by God.

Plants from your garden, through the re-establishment of ties, they will heal you and care about you. Independently determine the proper diagnosis and prepare a special, most effective medication for you

I am telling you the way to bring it back. A well organized interrelationship with the plants’ organic complex at your plot will heal you. It will take great care of you. The plants will diagnose your condition very precisely on their own and produce the most effective remedy specially destined for you”.

Ayurveda is the study of life. Ayur is life and Ved means to know. According to Ayurveda, life or existence is not a rigid compartment, but a harmonious flow…  Say the enlightened Spiritual Master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Life has four characteristics — it exists, evolves, expresses and extinguishes. For this, it depends on five elements, namely earth, water, air, ether and fire. To make it easier to understand we can bring in the five senses and its objects, namely sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.

Ayurveda is the study of life. Ayur is life and Vedmeans to know. According to Ayurveda, life or existence is not a rigid compartment, but a harmonious flow. Even the five elements of which the whole universe is made of are not tight compartments of defined objects. They flow into one another. Each one of the elements contains the other four.

The subtlest element in us is space, which the mind is made up of, and the grossest is the earth element, which our bones, marrow, the skin and the structure are made of. This is further divided into three Doshas — Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is a way to understand our physiology, its characteristics and its reflection on the mind.

When an illness arises, it comes first in the thought form, the subtlest aspect, then the sound form, and then the light form, which is in the aura. It is only then that the illness manifests in the body. Simple symptoms arise in the fluid form, which can be eradicated, and then it manifests in the grossest form, where it needs medication. But with the practice of Ayurveda, the illness can be nipped in the bud.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda includes exercise, breathing and meditation. Breath is synonymous to life. Our life is our breath. Our breath is our life. It is very interesting to observe the relationship between breath and the different Doshas in the body, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three Doshas affect certain parts of the body more than the other parts.

For example, Vata Dosha is predominant in the lower part of the body — stomach, intestine, etc. Diseases like gastric problems and joint aches can be due to the Vata imbalance. Kapha dosha is predominant in the middle part of the body. Cough is mainly a result of Kapha imbalance. And Pitta affects the upper part of the body — the head. Short temper is a sign of Pitta.

Yoga and breathing techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya and the pranayama (channelizing prana or life force to different parts of the body) have an effect on these three Doshas, bringing balance to the system.

Among different pranayama and other breathing techniques, there are specific breathing exercises for the lower, middle and the upper parts of the body, which help bring balance to the respective areas.

How do we bring good health to our system? The first remedy is calming the mind, coming from the subtlest aspect of creation, the ether. If your mind is bottled with too many impressions and thoughts, and it is draining you of your resistance power, that is where it is preparing your body for some illness. If the mind is clear, calm, meditative, and pleasant, the resistance in the body will increase and it will not allow an illness to come into it. The skillful use of breath and meditation can calm the mind.

Then comes the air element. Breathing, aromatherapy, etc., come in this category. Next is the light element, wherein color therapy is used to heal. Before an illness manifests in the body, you can see it in the aura of a person. And by energizing our system with the prana or life energy one can clear the aura and prevent the illness.

Next is the water element. Fasting or purifying the system with water can bring a lot of balance in the system.

The final recourse would be medicines, medicinal herbs and surgery. All these come in when other things fail and the illness becomes inevitable.

The practice of Ayurveda can truly enhance the quality of your life.

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Presenting to you a simple yet an  extraordinary shake. One cup of this shake, consumed immediately after preparation protects your body at the cellular level, keeping you healthy and full. It is rich in  living enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals, calciumnatural sugar, fiber, cellulose, and 3 Ω 6 acids and vitamin B17 for 24 hours. It also provides little in the proportions of structured water.

A handful of nuts of various kinds, the best “peanuts”  they contain the greatest amount of calcium, previously soaked for about 12 hours in cold water and then  washed and drained. Handful of raisins, scald by about 1 minute, before throwing to blendera.1 inch fresh ginger, wash by using a brush and cut into slices. A handful of spinach and mint thoroughly rinsed with cold water. 2 teaspoons of flaxseed. A teaspoon of sesame. Squeeze a 3 to 4 lemon, or 4 as you like. 2 mangoes washedand peeled. As someone has algae it is great to make, in amounts specified by the manufacturer, can be cut in half. Pour the whole with water, preferably structured water. It was good to prepare yourself before. It’s easy. If you have an ice cube that’s great, please put in more than liquid water. Ice can lower the temperature in the mixing process, which will keep more active substances alive. Let the water or ice will be 1 glass. Mix all ingredients until a homogeneous mass. Do not process long, maybe 1 minute. It depends on the blender. Smoothies should not be mushy, dilute it with water, or eat and drink plenty of water. Do not mix with milk, or with any animal products. Also please do not mix the sheik with processed food, I mean cooked too. Urge to drink shake on an empty stomach and wait an hour or a little longer. Try it, really encourage you. Enjoy your meal.

This meal is very healthy and energetic. Simple easy to prepare. Vibrant, active nutrients substances… Write your comment. I’m waiting 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Site of free men, but not free from the duties, life, self-discipline. Free of disease, stress, depression and excessive kilograms of body fat. I am 39 years old, at the age of 32 I had wrinkles, now I have no. From 7 years I did not take any antibiotics and I was not visiting the doctor. My seven year old son to speak fluently in three languages, is very active and very intelligent. In addition to compulsory testing and vaccination, he had no contact with the doctor. This is not only merit from strong genes and conditions, anywhere you can put on weight and get ill. There is no “miracle diet” or unusual supplements. Do not spend huge amounts of money on special products. We do not practice hard every day, pushing our body capabilities.There is no mystery that we can pass a special and chosen people. Everything we do is consistent with our nature, and nature of where we live. There is no method, only the knowledge and self-knowledge. There is no scandal or sensation, is peace and quiet inside. There is no hunger and tears, is an intensive nutrition by enzymes, acids, vitamins, minerals at a cellular level. There is no yo-yo effect, because it is cleansing the body and keeping it clean every day.There is no strain body exercises, it is only gentle yoga stretches. There is no coffee, tea, cigarettes, they is are breathing techniques, meditation. There is constant stress, because finally, is the celebration. There are no doctors, because they are herbs, ayurveda and self-discipline. I saw people who in one month without any effort losing even 22 pounds, diabetics who discontinued insulin. Patients where even traditional ayurveda has not helped, the improvement was followed within 24 hours, and after 2 months there was no disease.I saw a surprisingly doctors. I know people who today want to apply the prevention of everyday life, and I teach them that this prevention has become a natural habit. It all depends on You. I want to share with everyone, all my knowledge based on experience, and I’m alone with my loved ones, we are example. I can not be all places at once, but we can do everything over the internet. There is only one condition – the discipline and confidence, and after 2 months you’ll be my friend.

We start…?



Seek God in temples, Deities statues and other and the temples and the various works have to remind you that God is in You, and that only with Him it consists. It does not shrines, created man and all nature, but manmade temples, from nature created by God. You are a complete, perfect, beautiful and it is immutable. All beings, plants and all nature in about you is complete, perfect, beautiful, and this is also unchanged. From a whole, separates you mind, which allowed a cheating and frightening, persuaded himself that he must survive. The mind is beautiful and always seeks to be happy. At the present time the mind is bereft of knowledge, therefore this desire to happiness, brings suffering to another being, and all nature, and consequently himself mind. In mind is an infinite number of truths are always contingent to love for yourself. God’s truth is one, IS YOUR PRESENT MOMENT…


Life is the greatest mystery of connection between mind, body and soul. It’s a play of elements that have been created by one God. All the Divine creation are perfect and we in all our being are at the centre of it. In the spirit, we’re complete, fearless and immortal. In the matter, we’re a picture following the cosmic law. The basis of this law is everlasting movement, never-ending change, freedom to penetrate and transform elements. That is why we have to teach our mind, how to practically follow in our life the balance between spirit and matter. The only way to achieve this is the cooperation of all the people based on the knowledge about both – spirit and matter, which is SEVA in fact.


“When the body is no longer able to produce certain enzymes, the man dies. Unnecessary and unnatural overloading our enzymatic capacity is, one of the main causes of premature aging and early death” and is, a hidden source of almost all degenerative diseases”.

Enzymes, different ferments, biocatalysts, slurry, and then protein catalysts, are essential to any biological-chemical reactions in living organisms. The non-protein part of enzymes are called coenzymes, which participate in the transfer of electrons, protons or groups of atoms during the catalytic reaction. Life is the result of movement of proteins from which cells are constructed, and proteins and amino acids are molecules made up of atoms, and atoms are vibrating or electrical pulse. Enzymes are protein substances too, but the vibration that increases the speed of the course of chemical reactions of proteins in cells, by lowering activation energy of chemical reaction. Enzymes are not at this destroyed and do not change its self quality. With enzymes, all biochemical reactions can proceed rapidly at normal body temperature and normal pH. In the absence of the enzyme reaction rate would be infinitely slow. For this reason, enzymes fulfil a essential role in the body. From their activity and effectiveness depends our health. Enzymes participate in the processes of growth and metabolism, and participate in the digestion of food, using food, cleaning the body of waste products in the construction of all tissues, fighting all the risks. All shares of the defense system in our body are based on the enzymatic system. This is from the beginning of our life and lasts until the end. None of our food nourishes the body until it has been prepared by the enzymes to absorb. Particles of food, in the final stages, penetrate into the cells through the cell membrane and are responsible for those enzymes with digesting and degrading , which are “open doors” of cells, changing the spatial form of food particles, and only after that, particle ingestion is delivered into the cell. The body of each of us has a vast amount of enzymes, more than three thousand and each of these enzymes carry out, within minutes thirty-six million biochemical reactions! In only a single cell of the liver, are working more than 50 enzymes and in the blood vessels about 100. A biochemical reaction can not proceed in our body without enzymes. All of our activities such as walking, running, hearing, eyes blinking, thinking, require energy. Our body must so produce energy. It would not be possible without enzymes, which are the primary source and core workforce in our body. It is enzymes that determine, whether we have perfect health or illness and sickness… 


Is the process of disintegration of all cellular structures of an natural “explosion” of cells and tissues from the inside, caused by intracellular enzymes, namely hydrolases. Raw food contains in the organs (organellach) of their cells, their own endogenous enzymes known as hydrolases, which, after contact with acidic environment are able to destroy the cell structures in which they are located. This is what happens in the stomach, acidic environment causes hydrolase activity contained in the raw nourishment, and they begin to destroy the “from inside” its own cells. Then follows in this way to process of self-digestion of food (raw food),that is autolysis.


This is something wonderful for our digestive system,


Remember that, this applies only to raw food and thoroughly fragmented food, which is: fresh raw vegetables, fruits, green parts of plants, seeds and nuts, which provide live enzymes…